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If your reading this, you might as well look behind you cause Justin Bieber is there....I wonder why :iconblankstareplz:

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This may cause faintings of awesomness and every puppy will die everytime Seto Kaiba smiles...

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED :icongaspplz:
My internet was cut and so was my electricity. BUT NOW I HAVE IT SO I WILL FINISH ALL THE REQUESTS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
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United States
Well I am quite a cool person, sometimes I'm passive, sometimes I am crazy.
Though one of my famous quotes that I created that I love, is, "BEING HIGH IS LIKE BEING FREE MAN." This was the quote that all my friends shall remember man. And this all started from me acting like a stereotypical hippie.

That is my nickname in the group," THE HIPPIE".

I am nice and loves to draw. I've been drawing since 1st grade. I was pretty lonely and bored so I thought of mimic-ing the art style of a cartoon, and as years go by, I started to draw more and more and improving my style every time.
That's when I started to love drawing.

My tumblr:


Monochrome by poisodon
This is a Christmas gift for my bro :iconxfunibunix:! I STILL HAVE ONE MORE TO DRAW FOR YOU BRO! :D
Flash Sentry by poisodon
Flash Sentry
    Sometimes, I don't really get the hate with Flash Sentry in the fandom. I mean, yeah, he doesn't seem that layered and is sort of bland due to not being able to establish more personality or somewhat bad writing on this character, but that doesn't excuse them to have hate for him that goes too overboard and too harsh. Like geez,does being a somewhat un-layered character deserve the hate he gets?
    To be honest, I actually like Flash, I'm just hoping he gets developed pretty soon so that he can be layered and interesting! I mean at least he's actually relevant in the plot in the movie, he literally helped Twilight proved she is innocent and even became a love interest of Twilight, which I'd like to admit, is pretty adorable.
    I'm just hoping that the hate for him will just be disappearing pretty soon and maybe have a lot of bronies that'll maybe have headcanons for him or grow to like him pretty soon, IF THE SHOW FLESHED HIM OUT TO HAVE MORE PEOPLE LIKE HIM.

Though I actually have some headcanon of Flash so he'd be more fleshed out in my head:

- He can be really competitive, especially when it comes to what he loves or his band 
    -Unintentionally Harsh when he wants to win something
-Awkward, especially with someone he wants to impress or be friends with someone
    -Sometimes even a bit of a doormat when he really wants to impress or be friends with someone
-He had a moment in the beginning of high school where he actually tried to be a bad boy but failed to be so smooth or bad that he gave up and decided to be his nice dorky self
- Was actually heart-broken when he and Sunset broke up because he actually did had feelings for her
    - He actually liked bad girls like Sunset before but stopped thinking that when he and Sunset broke up which is why he liked Twilight now, due to her being the complete opposite of Sunset
           -He was the one teach Sunset how to play the guitar when they were together before

So far that's it. But I really do hope that they fleshed him out in the show or even in another movie of mlp!
Old drawings coming through by poisodon
Old drawings coming through
I've made a lot of drawings but never post them...HERE'S MOST OF THEM.

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